You might want to know more about an Entrepreneur who Influences in getting solution to what seems hard in perception about Online purchase activities. 

However, this is exactly the cause for bringing this page you're currently reading from.

Well, I hereby introducing myself as Mr. Oluwashina Samuel Onikede, the C.E.O and the Spirit behind The Cute Adviser Weblog

A passionate Blogger who loves to help masses with curative solutions for every of their issues regarding searching an Internet for way-outs. I blog about some niches such as: Online Shopping, eCommerce, Investing, Real Estate. Alongside Products and Services reviews (Giving out awesome recommendations to help you choose the very best products to buy); at https://www.thecuteadviser.com/... In a mission to make my readers find Delight to their climbing businesses. 

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I choose blogging over the white collar jobswith a mission to become a high prolific helper for the masses who find it difficult to get an absolute clue for their searches on Internet!

In contrast, I promise a quick response to all potential remarks for The Cute Adviser posts, so that everyone will have a better understanding about all the topics we cover (Online Shopping, Investing, Real Estate,Reviews and Recommendations, and Products and Services)

In contradiction, Unfortunately, I have had some mistakes and errors on my two previous blogs which I created with ignorance (I was doing everything on my own without knowing it is far better to locate ideas from the influencers in my industry) But, now I realized that those mistakes have make me an hero in terms of blogging. 

Mind you, I created one of these blogs with the aim of making a huge money in less time. (The blog without a specific title and a lot of jargon) And the second one was almost unique while lacked all what it takes to compete with of high prolific bloggers. So, to cut it short, this the main reason this specific The Cute Adviser Blog comes alive...   

You are welcome to  The Cute Adviser



A weblog that discloses all the tricks used by some scam sites to reap up your hard-earned cash when comes the time for making purchase.


As far as I concerned... I am here to parry off the heavy weight on you (High payable rate) with great how-to guides, so you have better and affordable bargain on any desired or any type of product you're purchasing. 

Simply put, I do not happy when discover the victims, who fell into the trap of hungry - fraud sellers (For some reasons) but luckily, the guides to locate a reputable E-Commerce Company is all what I mostly passionate about. 

Additionally, I simply value the hard-earned cash of my blog readers and prioritized the act of reducing the typical payable money for the items. 


Here at TheCuteAdviser, we value our readers preference than our main aim of creating this blog (unlike some other influential blogs that focus only on their pockets)

Our blog is mainly created for Consumers who buy stuffs online, in order for them to have a great value for their hard earn cash. 

We help masses on how to simply be aware of topics we cover:

  • What is Shopify

  • Shopify online store

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  • How does Shopify work

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  • Best Amazon Products 2020

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  • Ebay credit card login. And lot more 


We aggressively contact many related resources like forums, Social Media, and News Sites to bringing out the very required data; in providing you with the best and high end solution to every of our blog post... And to be precise, we are blessed with a habit of creating blog post in many different types of content like:
  • Tutorials
  • Checklists
  • Listicles
  • Infographics
  • Profiles
  • Interviews
  • Case Studies and How-To Guides
  • Reviews
  • Resources
  • Problems and Solutions
  • Comparison and more.


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